Why Bermuda

Why Bermuda

One of the world's leading insurance and financial service centers

Bermuda is one of the world's leading insurance and financial service centers, employing a legal system based on English Common Law.  

The country is known for its political stability, pro-active regulatory environment and its well established legal, accounting and trust services. Under Bermuda's Segregated Account Legislation, an insurance company must maintain a segregated account for each policy. In addition, assets held within one segregated account may under no circumstances be used to cover any liabilities of the insurance company or another segregated account.

Furthermore, as a jurisdiction, Bermuda has been granted full Solvency II equivalency by the European Commission, and is also fully compliant with FATCA and CRS requirements.

Based on the above, Lombard International has chosen Bermuda to incorporate and operate two Insurance Companies, from which we offer sophisticated life and annuity contracts that are central to our wealth planning ethos.